It has been too long!

It has been quite a while since I have posted last. A lot has happened since then. I am still dealing with some tendonitis issues but have been able to run and train. I finally graduated from my Masters program, I have been trying to adjust to life with a second kid, and just dealing with life and family crises.
I am getting ready to run my first half marathon of the year this weekend. I have also decided to add a 2nd half in June. Hopefully this will somewhat prepare me for my first full Marathon for Chicago. The focus of my training so far has been trying to find a shoe that will provide me the support I need for marathon training as well as suiting my running style. One thing I have learned is that running shoes and reviews are so subjective. I have done what I can to research shoes through, their forums,, and All are great sources of information, but the information can be overwhelming at times. I submitted some videos of my form to Running Warehouse to have a “gait analysis” completed. The results were that I was an extreme overpronator and I needed a maximum support shoe, thus started my attempt and finding the correct shoe for me. I first started with some Saucony Hurricane 14’s which are listed as maximum stability shoes but the felt so sloppy and unsupportive. I then tried Mizuno Wave Nirvana 8’s which were super supportive but they causes some severe arch pain after 5 miles. Finally I went back to Saucony and tried some Progrid Guide 5’s . These are not supposed to be as supportive as the Hurricane’s but oddly enough, they felt more supportive to me. It may have something to do with the placement of the medial post. I must say, I do really like the 8mm Heel to toe offset. The guide 5’s just might be my shoe. After the physical therapy for my Achilles I have been transitioning to a more midfoot strike as opposed to extreme heel striking. I am not quite there but the guide 5’s seem to help. Lets hope they hold up for the training.
On a different note: I have decided to run for charity at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I am running for LIVESTRONG in honor of two people very close to me that are currently fighting with cancer. LIVESTRONG does great work in supporting those with and those affected by cancer. You can read about their organization at and research their financials and effectiveness at If you are interested at donating please visit my personal donation page at:
Hopefully during this process I will update this blog more 🙂


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