Das Boot

I know, I know.  You have been wondering where I have been and what has been going on, sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for another eximplary post from me.  Well, wait no longer because here it is:

So I last left you at the point of my taper and getting ready for the Kansas City Half Marathon.  I was very happy with the race and completed it under my goal time.  I ran the entire Half in 1:52:09 which is a 8:34/mile pace.  I will gladly take that for my first half.  The course was good.  There are a couple of pretty killer hills with one hill that seemed to last for 5 miles.  I didn’t experience any problems until mile 11 where I began to hit the wall.  There was a band on the corner playing Springsteen’s Born to Run.  That pumped me up quite a bit.  My feet held up pretty good until the last mile but I was able to push past the pain and haul it in.

I couldn’t walk normally or where tight shoes for about two days.  The tendons on the outside of my left foot were pretty painful but that went away in 2-3 days.  What didn’t go away was the pain in my Achilles Tendon.  As you know that has been there for a little while and still hasn’t gone away.  It isn’t extremely painful, kind of dull and always there but enough to keep me from running. After about 2 1/2 months of this I finally went to the Dr. to have it checked out.  She wasn’t sure it was straightforward tendinitis and thinks there is possibly some bone bruising.  I am going to blame this on my attempt to push myself too far in the Five Fingers.  (they may do well for some people but I don’t think I am cut out for them)  So she has put me in a walking boot for two weeks to help stablize it so it will heel faster.  I see her again in two weeks to see if I have made any progress.  Fortunately she said we can work treatment in conjunction with my goal of running another Half in the spring and a Full in the fall.  So for the time being I am cleared to cycle but not to run.

Which leads me to the 2nd reason I have not been on here much.  My second child was born in the end of October and we all no how a newborn affects your schedule.  So for the time being I will be taking it easy, hopefully getting in a ride when I can.  Maybe my mid-December I can start hitting the run again.  It is amazing how much you miss it when you have been doing it regularly.  If you would have asked me last year I don’t know if I would have gone back.  Anyone else missing the run?


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