Ace Paint Century

A little over a week ago I participated in the Ace Paint Century charity ride with my Dad.  We chose to ride the 65 mile route.  Initially I was a little nervous because I have not been out on my bike much.  I think the farthest I have ridden this season was 25 miles and that was a few months ago.  I have been running regularly but cycling uses a different set of muscles and I wasn’t sure if my legs would carry me the full 65.  Worst case scenario I couldn’t make and I ride the SAG wagon back to the start…what do I have to lose?

I will say that it turned out to be a beautiful day.  The previous week back in Kansas City we were in the triple digits almost the entire time.  One day I think the heat index was almost 120 so a morning in the 70’s felt downright amazing.  We did not have any wind that day either, which was another big worry.

The route was great.  There was only a few miles on a busy road but being a Sunday morning it was pretty empty.  Throughout our ride volunteers drove by to check on the riders.  All the SAG stations were well supported and had the usual things you need, Gatorade, water, fruit, energy bars.  We made it in about 5 or so hours averaging 13 mph.  The fact that there were almost no hills and not wind helped greatly with this.

In the end I believe there were 166 riders that raised $61,767 for Children’s Memorial Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network. It was a very enjoyable ride.

Stopped for a break at a park in Frankfort, IL

My Dad riding into the next SAG stop

Just and Idea about how flat it was

One of the SAG stops along the route.


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