Mountain Biking Where There are No Mountains

I pursued my first real attempt at single track riding this week.  After thousands of miles of road riding over the past few years you would think I would be better prepared for a couple of miles on the trail….I guess not.  I learned a couple of things that day:

1.  My bike is a beast and by beast I mean almost as heavy as my car.  I am riding an old steel Nishiki that doesn’t really fit but it was free.

2.  Tick season has begun.  I found three of my small blood sucking friends hitching a ride on me.

3.  Singletrack is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting into the woods at Landahl park.  There was no one else out that day so there was no one to make fun of me when I couldn’t make it up some hills.

I now want to try and get on the trail more maybe with a better bike some day.


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