What do I get myself into?

For whatever reason I think about projects and do not always consider all the implications and details that go into it.  I recently had the idea to repaint my road bike frame.  I want it to be plain but unique.  How hard can it be?  I just need to pull all the components and throw some paint on right?  Then I started reading other people’s expeditions and learned about priming aluminum and what paint works and what doesn’t.  Just like everything else everyone has their own opinion on what is the best.  So lets just find out….it sounds like a good project to me.

The Beginning


Mountain Biking Where There are No Mountains

I pursued my first real attempt at single track riding this week.  After thousands of miles of road riding over the past few years you would think I would be better prepared for a couple of miles on the trail….I guess not.  I learned a couple of things that day:

1.  My bike is a beast and by beast I mean almost as heavy as my car.  I am riding an old steel Nishiki that doesn’t really fit but it was free.

2.  Tick season has begun.  I found three of my small blood sucking friends hitching a ride on me.

3.  Singletrack is a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting into the woods at Landahl park.  There was no one else out that day so there was no one to make fun of me when I couldn’t make it up some hills.

I now want to try and get on the trail more maybe with a better bike some day.

Tour De NICU

I was able to ride the Tour De NICU last weekend which was put on to benefit March of Dime’s March for Babies. The ride stopped at local hospitals that have NICU’s. This was the first year that the ride has been organized. The main organizer had 7 out of 9 of her grandchildren in the NICU at one point in time.

The ride was well marked and well organized even for a small ride. The weather was absolutely perfect. I just wish I would have had time to do the full 60 mile route instead of 20.

Tour De NICU

This Saturday is the Tour de NICU in Kansas City.  This is the first year for the ride that is raising money for March For Babies.  I am excited about this ride it sounds like it will be well organized and decent SAG (Support and Gear).  The rest stops are at local hospitals and you have the option of 20, 40, and 60 mile routes.  Check out their facebook page Tour de NICU, Register, and Ride.  The weather should be nice, summer is almost here.  Its time to ride!  Look for a review of Photos following the ride.

Once bitten twice shy?

Surprise! You have to replace your subfloor

I recently made my second attempt at running in my Vibram Five Fingers.  I was reluctant after my last two experiences (I am trying out WordPress as opposed to Tumblr.  If you are interested in my past exploits check out kccycleandrun.tumblr.com)  This time things felt much better.  My tendon in my left leg is still sore, but that was expected.  I was able to concentrate more on my form and how my feet are impacting.  While my last run in my VFF’s left me frustrated and wondering if I am doing the wrong thing, this run left me hopeful that I can successfully make the transition.

Unfortunately during this time my motivation for running has decreased.  I have had a number of other things this week such as end of semester for Grad school, finding surprises when installing my new flooring (see picture), and all around laziness.  With Hospital Hill  only a month away I have a need to increase my training.  I really wanted to try to run the 10k at Hospital hill but I believe my transition process will limit me to the 5k which will still be a challenge running in my VFF’s.