Am I Born to Run?

As I have continued through my trek to convert to minimalist running I am not finding it as pleasing as I once thought.  I love the shoes, I love the idea, I love everything about it except for my pain in transitioning.  

I put in a couple miles in my Five Fingers over the last week or so.  It kills me not to run over a mile.  The last time I ran things were different.  I quickly started noticing some pain in my tendons and the arch of my foot.  These were different then the “soreness” I have been experiencing.  I couldn’t make it a few hundred feet without having to walk.  Let the frustration begin.  I want this to work but I am not sure it will.  

I put in two fast miles yesterday in my standard clunky Nike’s and it felt pretty good….no arch pain…still some soreness in the left tendon….but nothing like running in my five fingers.  I don’t know what I will do yet.

On a totally different note I have an area to work on my bikes, hopefully more riding will ensue soon.


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