You should be afraid of my calves next time you see me….

I am serious….my calves are going to be killers.  Well at least I hope this pain and soreness I am going through are going to make them that way.  I have run my second actual run in my Vibram Five Fingers.  They continue to excite me and I enjoy wearing them, but I get kind of bummed out when I can run as far as I was before.  I know the transition takes a while but I want to be ready now.  My calves and Achilles tendon’s are definitely getting a work out. 

I am second guessing if I will be ready for another 10k in June.  I know I can make it happen if I were to run it in my shoes but the VFF’s feel so much better.  I really like feeling the ground when I run.  I am hoping to run the Hospital Hill 10k and if I don’t feel I am ready then it will be the 5k.  All this will be working up to the Kansas City Half Marathon in October.  I have always said that I didn’t want to do that much running, but I am finding myself enjoying it.  

I do hope to get my bicycle out this weekend and start putting more miles on that.  It probably has been lonely since last October.  


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